Field observations to machine learning#

Draft in process#

Notes, prototype code and data checking for API that formats the data and methods of a ChatGPT research assistant.

The UX and final app structure can be tested here (! the llm is not yet attached): litter assisstant

Interested contributors can check the repo: hammerdirt-analyst/litterassistant

The litter assistant#


The assistants function is to assist the researcher in placing the current litter survey results within the context of their own projects. This includes conducting analysis that is not considered in the federal report. Another example is defining reports on administrative boundaries that are not considered in the federal report.

The checking the assistant section is where users can check the data and methods of the assistant.


We have reproduced the figures in all the reports produced thus far. We are now training the model to defaults so that clients have access to a standardised display of the results.


contact analyst at hammerdirt